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Unattended Covid-19 Screening Platform

Engineered for industrial facilities and the first and only of it's kind to ensure accurate, private, and expedient entry of employees each shift.

Introducing the first comprehensive health screening solution designed to accommodate  industrial facilities. Team Ray Technologies and Rockware Corp. have been servicing plants and industrial operations since 2005 and truly understand the day-to-day challenges management faces. First and foremost we understand that SAFETY comes first. We understand that employees need to feel comfortable around their co-workers. We understand that salary workers are buried with day to day responsibilities along with continuous improvement objectives. We designed the IntelliSCREEN platform to be an all inclusive system that handles all notifications and compliance reporting. It is quickly evolving to also handle all time keeping and building access requirements so everything will eventually be streamlined into a single system. FOCUS ON YOUR JOB, and let IntelliSCREEN handle all of your COVID-19 requirements!

TV Documentary Airing in May of 2021

Selected to Participate in a TV Documentary Focusing on Businesses who have Retooled in the Wake of COVID-19

Behind the Scenes is an educational documentary-style television program which runs nationwide on Public Television, is broadcasted as commercial news breaks on CNN Headline News, CNBC, Fox Business, Learning Channel & Discovery Channel to name a few, and is distributed on the Internet via narrowcasting. Team Ray Technologies and Rockware Corp. will be featured as companies who have aggressively adapted to combat COVID-19. Our new IntelliSCREEN product line will be featured showing how all the knowledge and experience previously used for providing Manufacturing Technology on the Shop floor is now being utilized to assist manufacturing companies and education institutions to comply with COVID-19 to help ensure a safe environment for employees. Shooting of video took place on 10/21/2020 at Team Ray Technologies and Rockware Corp. headquarters in Huron, OH. Stay tuned for more information on when and where the TV premiere can be viewed.

Interlock Entry

Prevent Unauthorized Occupants from Entering with an Unattended Solution

We provide multiple options for preventing entry into a location until an occupant successfully completes a Health Check Survey and successfully complete a Fever Check. Here are a few options:

  1. Electrically Control existing Turnstiles, Gates, or Doors
  2. Integrate with Building Access Software to Control Badges
  3. Install and Electrically Control Turnstile

We are flexible and can customize a unique solution that works best for your location. We have partnership with Hayward Turnstiles, Inc. to provide a variety mechanical interlocking solutions if no applicable turnstiles, gates, or doors are currently installed.


Elements of Award-Winning Products from Team Ray Technologies and Rockware Corp. have been used to Create a New Product in a Time of Need

Team Ray and Rockware Corp have been delivering best-in-class products and services to the manufacturing shop floor for 15 years. The two business collectively have received recognition for Top 10 Shop Floor Management Solution Providers in 2017, 2018, and 2019 along with Top 10 Manufacturer Technology Solution Provider in 2019. Integrating key components from proven solutions, the two companies accomplished to create a platform that is the most complete solution on the market in warp-speed time.
  IntelliSCREEN™ Other Options
Health Check Survey and Fever Check Fully Integrated in a Single System
Survey can be Completed Prior to Entry
Multiple Systems Required
Print Sticker for Visual Verification Customized Format Provided for Each LocationNot Available
UnattendedControl Turnstiles and Doors
Control Building Access Systems
Discrepancy Reports by Shift
Visual Verification with Stickers
Some have Electrical Outputs to Control Turnstiles, Doors
Turnkey On-Site Installation and Training Included with PriceNot Available or not Included with Price
Local Centralized Database for PrivacyInstalled During Project on Environment of Customer’s Choice Not Available
Automatic Notifications and ReportsAlerts for Failed Survey
Alerts for Failed Fever Check
Auto Emailed Daily Reports
Auto Emailed Shift Reports
Varies by System what is available and how it is Priced
Human Machine InterfaceIntegrated 15.6” Informative Touch Screen Monitor Many options have no Direct Human Machine Interface
Capacity ControlFully IntegratedMultiple Systems Required
FlexibilityUnlimitedLimited or Not Available
CustomizationUnlimitedLimited or Not Available

A True American Story

In the Wake of COVID-19, Team Ray and Rockware made an Aggressive Pivot

Before COVID-19, we were primarily focused on providing automation and software products and services for the manufacturing shop floor. At the beginning of March, we were remarkably busy and were on pace to have the best year in our 15-year existence. By late March, COVID-19 had forced our customers to shut down for several weeks to flatten the curve. The music suddenly stopped, there were no new projects coming in and we were unable to work on projects that we were previously awarded. On March 22nd 2020, a company email was sent to all employees letting them know that we understood individual concern for each family’s safety and health, but as a company we were going to pursue offering our technical services to assist any government directed start up for PPE, ventilators, hand sanitizers, or anything to combat COVID-19. We reached out to State and National government organizations and put posts on social media to try and find a way we could assist utilizing our skills. We made up our minds we were going to be “ESSENTIAL” one way or the other. Our initial unit was called TC/DC (Temperature Check / Density Control) and was designed to handle Fever Checks, Capacity Control, and integrated with a barcode generated from a successful health check survey submission. We were able to make a prototype in 2 weeks using components we had laying around our garage at our Bellevue office.

Compliance Reporting

Track-n-Trace centralized database and application provides all compliance reporting and contact tracing needs while maintaining privacy

Failures, Overrides, and No Screens By Shift
The Track-n-Trace software package allows all units to connect to a single location so collected data is stored in one location and all management operations can collectively be completed from a single location. Our compliance reports can be segregated by classification and shift so system administration can be shared between different departments. We provide turnkey setup of Track-n-Track software on a local environment provided by each location to ensure privacy. A central name list is maintained to link occupant IDs with Name, Classification, Department, and Shift to be utilized for automatic notifications, auto emailed reports, and to display on sticker. Auto notifications are sent real-time for all failures to subscribed administrators.


Initially engineered for manufacturing plants with multiple entrances and multiple shifts, the IntelliSCREEN™ system can work in any location or venue.

Hypothetical Plant
We have been successfully deploying unattended systems in manufacturing plants since May 2020. There are multiple methods to control entry and each location has devised a system that works for them. Below is a typical layout for a plant using IntelliSCREEN™ units to control entrance at three different locations. Every manufacturing plant we have installed our units at has suggested that our system would work great at schools including college campuses. Our system would work great in almost any setting including medical, government and other non-industrial locations. There are many options when setting up and IntelliSCREEN™ system. For locations with multiple buildings there can be centralized IntelliSCREEN™ units that each occupant would go to once and then would be able to use phone barcode, sticker, or RFID badge to enter applicable buildings at the location.

The Science behind using Wrist for Fever Checks

Hands-On Research along with Documented Studies from Health Science Organizations Has Proven that the Wrist is the Best Option

Historically infrared thermometers have been designed to measure temperature from the forehead. Accurate thermal scans can potentially be taken any place on the human body where arterial blood flow is present. Areas such as the wrist and forehead are best for correlating with mean body temperature, which is used to measure a fever. Forehead measurements can be inaccurate due to perspiration, hair, makeup, hats, and acclimation to a hot or cold environment. Wrist measurements can be inaccurate due to clothing, jewelry, and acclimation to a hot or cold environment but is less likely to be affected by these types of thermal interferences than the forehead. For wrist measurements, individuals can easily manipulate their arm/hand and scan themselves. This can be accomplished with the forehead, but it is more difficult to teach proper technique and is more challenging to accommodate for people with extreme heights. Measuring the wrist also minimizes potential contamination between occupants by not requiring mouth and nose to be in proximity of the measuring device. The top of the fist is another potential area for measure since it is also easy for unattended testing. During our research, we found large discrepancies in intraday fist measurements depending on use of hands and the environment versus simultaneous forehead and wrist measurements. We also found that excessive hair could cause false low measurements. Based on our research, the wrist is much more in synch with the forehead which ultimately convinced us to focus on the wrist versus the fist as a measurement alternative. We currently provide measurement options for both the wrist (IntelliBOX™) and forehead (IntelliSHIELD™).

Additional Features

Capacity Control Available along with Unlimited Customization Flexibility

The Science Behind Using Infrared Thermometer for Fever Check

Measuring Accurate Skin Temperatures is Not as Easy as Most Think

We started our pursuit to provide accurate fever checks on April 1st, 2020 and have embarked on a steep learning curve through months of research and field testing. We initially wanted to figure out a way to connect a standard hand-held thermometer to our control system but we ultimately figured out how to utilize 4-20 ma industrial infrared thermometer to achieve the accurate and precision we originally set out to achieve. We determined simple linear scaling cannot be used to achieve accuracy while measuring skin temperature with an industrial infrared thermometer. These types of sensors are usually fixed to measure all objects at a specific emissivity (the effectiveness of an object’s surface to emit energy as thermal radiation). Emissivity varies from object to object. The emissivity of skin needs to be taken into consideration when taking measurements from an industrial infrared sensor that was not calibrated at the factory to measure human skin. To accommodate we provide special scaling in the range of human skin and perform physical verification measurements with blackbody body references that have a constant heat source to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Our scaling is set up to not necessarily be the most accurate over the entire range, but to ensure anyone who has or is close to a body temperature of 100.4 degrees F will fail a fever check.